Filmmaker born in México City. Through a poetic, ludic and sensory approach, her work explores questions of territory, nature, legacy and identity that traverse her Brown body and her intimate sphere.

Titixe (2018), her first feature documentary in which she holds directing, editing, producing and cinematography credits, has been selected in more than forty international film festivals and collected several awards. The film was included in Sector Cine's list of "All Time 100 Best Mexican Films" after a  poll done to a thorough selection of Mexican film critics. In 2021, the film was independently distributed throughout México in arthouse/cultural venues, including Cineteca Nacional.

In 2019, she was selected as a Flaherty Seminar – Professional Development Fellow (Flaherty Seminar, NY) and was awarded the Charles C. Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award (Full Frame FF, NC).

She currently works on her second film My Body Is an Expanding Star, in collaboration with Semillites Hernández Velasco. This project has been supported by  FOCINE-IMCINE (2021). With it, Tania has also been selected as a fellow for the Firelight Media’s William Greaves Fund (United States, 2021).

In 2022, she will be premiering her new short film as a director, producer, screenwriter and co-editor, “Eclipsis”, produced by Mexico’s National University Filmoteque (Filmoteca UNAM). She will also venture into opera stage direction for Opera Lafayette’s Silvain

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